Panama City Aerial Photography

Tyndall Air Show

April 22nd-23rd was this year’s Gulf Coast Salute Open House & Air Show at Tyndall Air Force Base. The Thunderbirds headlined the event, with performances by other military and civilian acts, including the F-22 Raptor, Greg Shelton’s Wing Walker air show, Rob Holland, and many more. There were several historic warbirds on display, and tons of food and booths for all to enjoy!
We set up a table, and our friend AJ Brickler, who was part of our “Flying Hoboes” cross country flight, was kind enough to allow us to display his aircraft: a red tailed Cirrus SR-22. We were able to educate many guests about the Tuskegee Airmen, and our passion & efforts to promote the advancement of minorities in aviation.

Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival

On May 4 to May 7, the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2017 Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival. Pilots from across the US came to fly hot air balloons in Foley, AL. It was too windy to fly that weekend, but guests enjoyed seeing the colorful balloons inflate on the ground. The festival also included a dog show, motorcycle stunt show, local music performances, and a Color Dash 5k.
We got to take photos from the air and on the ground. While many took photos with drones, we were the only ones who took aerial photography from our airplane–both because we enjoy the marvel of flight and because we can get superior quality photos that drones simply cannot rival!

Beautiful Colorado

Our work often takes us all over the country. Recently we traveled to Denver, CO. There is nothing that compares to seeing the world from the sky, especially those snow-capped mountains!
Remember that we travel all around the country to give flying lessons. We come to you! After all, the world does get a lot smaller when you can fly!
Until next time– Blue skies and tailwinds!