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Fun Places to Fly This Summer

It’s summertime which means it’s vacation time! We have lots of great day trip destinations within short flying distance of our home airport, KECP. Here are a few interesting places to take a day trip that are within a 2 hour flight in our 172s, which are available for you rent or learn to fly in!

Apalachicola, FL - KAAF

Apalachicola may very well be the Florida panhandle’s best-kept secret. It is quaint, but you can find perhaps the best seafood in Florida in its restaurants! The airport is great for beginners. It has 3 wide 150′ runways, so you can always find a runway favored by the wind to land and take off. Plus, Crystal Air FBO offers tie-down space, gas, and a courtesy car so you can explore the town.

Gulf Shores, AL - KJKA

Only a 1 hour flight away, Gulf Shores is a town you won’t want to miss. The white sand beaches cannot be beat! Additionally, the town boasts ziplining adventures, shopping and dining at the Wharf Marina, and great fishing spots. With 3 full service FBOs, you’ll never be caught without refreshments or a courtesy car!  The most established FBO on the field, Gulf Air Center, gives complimentary meals & beverages with fuel purchase. The other two FBOs are newer but just as accommodating. Salt Air Aviation offers the usual FBO offerings, including hangar space. I visited Platinum Air Center last weekend when I flew in, and I was astounded by their hospitality! I highly recommend visiting them and their little doggie!

New Orleans - KNEW

The New Orleans Lakefront Airport is located directly on Lake Ponchartrain. Seriously, if you overshoot and go off the end of runway 36L, you will be IN the water. It’s that close. So not only would you get a friendly call from the NTSB afterwards, you’d also have a waterlogged airplane. New Orleans is notorious for its food, entertainment, and unique spirit. KNEW is the only airport in the metropolitan area and is a quick 10-minute drive from the central business district, Superdome, and the world-famous French Quarter. Two full service FBOs are available for your convenience: Signature Flight Support and the locally owned Flightline First. These are just a few of the many destinations you could choose for a weekend getaway within short flying distance of KECP. Flying makes the world a whole lot smaller! What would normally take hours in the car now will only take you a fraction of the time in an airplane. We would love to teach you to fly so that you can experience the joy of flying and the thrill of visiting new and unique destinations! Do you have a favorite day trip destination? Leave it in the comments!